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Lucknow is a district in the Uttar Pradesh State of India.
Total area of Lucknow is 2,528 km² including 2,057.29 km² rural area and 470.71 km² urban area. As per 2011 stats, Lucknow has a population of 45,89,838 peoples, out of which urban population is 30,38,996 while rural population is 15,50,842. The district has a population density of 1816 inhabitants per square kilometre. There are about 8,60,703 houses in the district, including 5,77,510 urban houses and 2,83,193 rural houses. When it comes to villages, there are about 803 villages in lucknow district.

The Lucknow district is further divided in to Tehsils / Blocks / Community Development Blocks (C.D.Blocks) for administrative
purposes. In India, the Block or C.D.Block is often the next level of administrative division after the tehsil. It is important to note that, In some states of India C.D.Blocks are equal to tehsils.

For those who don’t know, the C.D.Block is a rural area earmarked for administration and development in India. The area is administered by a BDO (Block Development Officer). A C.D.Block covers several gram panchayats, local administrative unit at the village level.

Lucknow is the largest tehsil in lucknow district by both area and population. Bakshi Ka Talab is the smallest tehsil in lucknow district by both area and population. There are 4 tehsils in Lucknow district. Here is the list of all Lucknow Tehsils / Blocks / C.D.Blocks along with area & population information.

List of CD Blocks / Tehsils in Lucknow

#Tehsil (CD Block)Area (km²)Population (2011)
1Bakshi Ka Talab4183,49,654

Population of Lucknow

ParticularsDensityMale PopulationFemale PopulationTotal Population
Rural754 / km²8,13,7527,37,09015,50,842
Urban6,456 / km²15,80,72414,58,27230,38,996
Total1,816 / km²23,94,47621,95,36245,89,838

Households in Lucknow

Rural Households
Urban Households
Total Households

District Overview
District (Hindi) :Lucknow (लखनऊ)
State / UT :Uttar Pradesh
Total Area :2,528 km²
Total Population :45,89,838
Density :1,816/km²
Total Tehsils :4
Total Villages :803

Total PopulationVillages in Lucknow District
less Than 20016
200 – 49968
500 – 999173
1000 – 1999276
2000 – 4999227
5000 – 999937
10000 and above6

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